About us


The NFZBBF, founded in 2011, is a national amateur sport governing body for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness and is composed of the Executive Board, Commissions/Technical Committees and those Provinces that have been duly affiliated by the Congress. It superseded the Zimbabwe National Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Association (ZNBWA) after weightlifting was separated from bodybuilding and fitness.

Among other things, the NFZBBF aims to develop, promote and control the sport of bodybuilding and fitness on a national scale. It also aims to promote an interest in, and a dedication to, better health and fitness through physical culture, proper nutrition, and weight training, and to develop and strengthen friendship and cooperation among the Members of the NFZBBF.

Also, NFZBBF aims to implement an anti-doping program in accordance with such anti-doping rules as may be enacted for that purpose; to conduct in- and out-of-competition doping controls, whether announced or unannounced; whether random, weighted or targeted; whether with advance notice or without advance notice; to conduct doping controls at all national competitions; and to ensure that anti- doping programs are implemented and that doping controls are conducted at national, regional and continental levels.